Know Thyself™ Philosophy

To Know Thyself is to take the first step towards a successful, fruitful life. When young adults know themselves, know how to present themselves to others, know how to take care of their bodies, know where they stand in relation to society and where they want to go…when they are self-aware to this degree, they can be successful.

In urban Milwaukee, teenagers are walking out of high school with a disadvantage that reaches beyond the quality of their school or the color of their skin. Increasingly, children from the city grow up without adult models who impart to them what we call soft skills, such things as a solid handshake, eye contact, the ability to speak publicly, and an awareness of the body and its health. Without these skills, high school graduates miss scholarship opportunities, internships and chances for a job. But this disadvantage is fixable; and the skills can be taught. We teach them to our students with great success.

No school teaches the things we teach nor should they be expected to. Parents, unfortunately, do so less and less, as well. We at Know Thyself™ are filling that void.

Know Thyself™ began as a program to teach manners but has now become so much more.

In the Mind+Body Connection program, middle schoolers are taught that building a strong, healthy body also builds a strong, healthy mind.

In our Presentation Power program, students in middle school come to understand that first impressions are lasting impressions, and how one presents oneself to others may be the greatest skill they’ll ever learn.

From the Moving Beyond the Self program, the participants take the final steps in understanding their place in the wider community.

Finally, in our Voices of the Young program, high schoolers learn to Know Thyself through photography, digital media, and writing. During this semester-long program of intense introspection, students learn a voice of honesty, about themselves and others, to a degree completely new to them. And, at the end, they come away with a confidence they've never known before.