Know Thyself Quote
As part of the Know Thyself™ curriculum, students learn how to write thank you notes. At some point, then, whether it be due to a field trip, or a guest speaker or a special project, they are encouraged (or even required) to write "Miss Stephanie" a thank you card. We get all manner of responses, some of which make you giggle, but others that truly warm your heart. Below are a small (unedited) sampling of such notes:
At the end of the year, high school students who participate in our Voices of the Young programming fill out surveys to let us know how they've grown and changed because of our curriculum. Below is a sampling of some of the comments these teenagers have made.

The project really makes you think, "who am I really?". This made me understand how I trully feel. The art works starting with this one have made me not care about the criticism of my peers, I actually dont care if people like me or not. I realized I like who I am, and thats the only thing that should matter.

I have grown from being quiet and scared to speack up and talk about my art. I feel more confident about a lot of things.

I enjoyed the program a lot. It not only gave me a new perspective on my art and the art community, It gave me more confidence to put myself out there and be heard. :)

It helped me open my mind to what was really happening in my community and how through my art I can make a difference.

I think I have better developed my awareness of who I am and my impact on my community. I also realized that I need to get more involved with my classmates and community members.

The voices of the young program help me realize who I am and how I can be more aware for others .

I changed more because I usely don't talk about personal stuff like my dad dying from HIV.

I believe that I have grown in many way such as how I treat myself and how I act.

And then there's feedback from the teachers and counselors we work with, such as these two:
It is always such a wonderful pleasure to work with you and the Know Thyself program. Working together, we are providing the students hope and the tools needed for them to be successful as adults. Bit by bit, students are seeing the value in the skills they are learning. Thank you so much for another G-R-E-A-T year.
It was an exceptional experience for the students and I was amazed at the photos and writings.
The best ones, though, are the notes that come from Know Thyself™ alums. With nearly 20 years under our belts, Know Thyself™ has quite a few graduates now out in the Real World! When they can look back and reflect on what impact Know Thyself™ had on them, the results are sometimes extraordinary:
Amazing, Incredible, and Awesome! Those are the words that describe Know Thyself. I have become a woman with confidence, intelligence, assertiveness and determination with the help from the wonderful mentor, Ms. Ouida Williams. With Know Thyself, students like me were able to go on after high school with a passion and achieve our life goals. I cannot thank the people at Know Thyself enough for all that it has done for me. --Cindy V.
Know Thyself has made a major impact on my life by molding me into an ambitious, determined, fearless, up-standing woman. I look back on my life with a smile because I was given a second chance at the tender age of twelve due to the Ms. Stephanie and Ms. Ouida taking me under their Know Thyself wings and guiding me through the world of uncertainties into adulthood. I am very grateful and appreciative of the Know Thyself group because I am now able to give to other young girls and boys what was given to me: a chance to make my life better before it can get worse because of my decisions and choices. --Nakkita C.