Know Thyself Quote
I am proud to be part of Know Thyself™.
I pledge to be sincere, honest and committed.
I recognize my ability to take charge of my life,
I am responsible for all my actions, bad or good.
In every situation I have a choice.
I will do my best to always make a good choice.
I am always thinking,
always thinking of others.
My practice is to be the best friend I can to all people.
My honesty is a good example for others to follow
I am confident that if I work hard
I can achieve greatness in all things.
I have goals and I will work to achieve them.
Reading and writing are a very important part of my life.
I must earn the best possible grade in all subjects.
And because I practice all these things,
all the time,
Life rewards me
wherever I go
I will share the message
That to
Is to
love thyself.
The Pledge is the backbone of the Know Thyself™ program. Students recite it at most weekly meetings and all students know it well by the end of the year. Watch the creative way that Know Thyself™ used the pledge as a medium for teaching the fun of fitness!